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R. J. Storm & the Old School Bluegrass Band – Salon Stage

Complimentary with Dinner

R. J. Storm and the Old School Bluegrass Band is a premier Hudson Valley Bluegrass band playing both traditional and forward-thinking music that can bring the Bluegrass style to encompass many lines outside the traditional sphere. From local Hudson Valley events to the stages of the Newport Folk Festival and beyond, the Old School Bluegrass Band has won the acclaim of listeners young and old, new and seasoned, and warmly invite new listeners to come explore the beauty of some wonderful live music!

Everyone likes good music…but after this recent plague and being hammered by the general problems life throws at us, if you go home with a smile, or hum a tune, or retell some stupid joke we reeled off…well…then we did our job to entertain and lift souls up. The upright bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle, and 5-string banjo compliment the 3- and 4-part harmony, all revolving around that classic single mic thus giving that intimate and Old School sound!

The band is: Arthur Goldstein (fiddle and vocals), Roy Streever (guitar and vocals), Richard Hawthorne (bass) and R. J. Storm (banjo and vocals).

Reservations suggested; call 845-855-1300 to book your table.