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Cosmokaze – Salon Stage

Complimentary with Dinner

Our Salon Stage provides Complimentary Live Music while you dine. We feature amazing local Hudson Valley and touring artists nightly. You may discover one of your new favorite artists. As always, we prioritize seating for guests who are joining us for dinner. We also provide a great Tap Room for enjoying a cocktail or beer while listening to the live music on our Salon Stage.

Cosmokaze is a Hudson Valley-based instrumental trio made up of Rik Mercaldi (guitar, lap steel) Josh Enslen (bass, loops) and Todd Giudice (drums, percussion).

This collective of talented musicians explore the boundaries of music through improvisation. The band’s performances are characterized by their dynamic energy, intuitive, often telepathic interaction, and the ability to create immersive sonic landscapes in real time.

The goal of this project was to form an instrumental group whose material would be spontaneously composed in the true spirit of improvisation. As such, their performances can run through a multitude of musical styles, embracing everything from rock, ambient, and progressive, while also touching on elements of experimental and musique concrete. Pretty and ethereal, rhythmic and hypnotic, dark and dissonant, often within the same piece.

Their new album which is currently available for download on Bandcamp was fully improvised and recorded live in the studio.

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Reservations suggested; call 845-855-1300 to book your table.