The 30th Anniversary concert held in 2003 on Sunday, January, 19th was a truly special event. Vassar College Chapel provided the perfect setting to celebrate the spirit of community the Towne Crier has been able to create between listeners and musicians for 30 years.
Garnet Rogers, Lucy Kaplansky, Greg Brown and the McGarrigle Sisters delivered an evening of great music and captivating performances. Garnet and Greg,s collaboration during the second part of Greg's set, was one of those "moments" that only happens on nights like this.
The room was nearly full with an appreciative audience made up of both old and new friends, including many of the staff people who helped build the Towne Crier over the years. I want to thank everyone who attended for all their support over the last thirty years.
When I think of the hundreds of stories, the marriages, the relationships, the formation of bands, and the historic interaction between musicians, that have all happened because of the club, I realize just how much the Towne Crier has served the community.
The place has grown from a little bohemian coffee house to a full-fledged dinner and music. We were able to change with the times. And we want to continue to grow, never losing sight of our beginnings. We look forward to a bright future and to seeing you throughout the next thirty years.

Phil Ciganer -- Proprietor

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